World’s Best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Mommy Make Over Part One

The world’s best plastic and cosmetic surgery mommy make over is the one that’s specifically tailored to meet your needs. The typical areas that are addressed during a Mommy make Over are the following:

1. Deflated and or sagging breasts: Breast Augmentation and Enhancement using either saline or silicone Breast Implants that can be combined with a Breast Lift if the Breasts are ptotic (sagging).

Breast Augmentation is a very popular Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Procedure whether you’re from Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Diego, Orange County, New York, Miami, London, Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Dubai or elsewhere in the world. At his fully accredited outpatient Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic located in Beverly Hills on the west side of Los Angeles near the California Coast, Dr. Francis Palmer, voted “one of the world’s best” plastic and cosmetic surgeons performs Breast Augmentation, Breast Enhancement and Breast Enlargement Procedures in his Palmer Code Institute. If you are considering Breast Augmentation/Enhancement/Enlargement with either saline or silicone Breast Implants, it’s important to be knowledgeable about all your choices and options.

Before having Breast Augmentation (Breast Enhancement & Breast Enlargement) Procedures there are several things for you to consider. What size Breasts are you looking to achieve with the surgery? Would you like Saline or Silicone Breast Implants? Which incision placement is the best option for you? Do your breasts need some form of breast lift and finally, should the breast implants be placed above or below the Muscle (Pectoralis Muscle)?

Deciding Cup Size before Breast Augmentation: The diameter of your breasts give some indication of the breast cleavage as well as the outer shape (roundness) of the breasts. Generally speaking, a Breast Diameter of 11 cm’s is an A cup, 12 a B, 13 a C, 14 a D and so on. As a general rule, you can draw an imaginary vertical line from the outer hips and the Breasts should touch that line. This gives a balanced overall shape to the body.

Breast Augmentation incisions have an effect on the visibility of the scar and whether the areolar complex can be lifted at the same time. Incisions in the breast include: around a portion of the areola (nipple complex), within the crease below the breast or remote locations within the armpit (axilla) or the belly button (umbilicus). remote incisions are used for saline implants only that are folded and placed in a deflated state. Silicone Breast Implants come pre-filled are are too large to be placed through incisions in the axilla or umbilicus which could cause damage to the implant. It is also more difficult to manipulate the breast allowing accommodation of the breast implant or to control bleeding within the breast pocket than when using incision around the nipple or those within the breast crease.

Experience Impeccable Aesthetic Judgment, in fact, Dr. Francis Palmer wrote the book on understanding the Aesthetics of beauty as a guide to having the right Plastic Surgery Procedure to improve your appearance.

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