World’s Best Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills Style: Part One: Basic Aesthetics of the Nose.

The world’s Best (Top) Rhinoplasty is one that creates a natural, refined and aesthetically attractive nose. For over 20 years, I have performed Rhinoplasty Nasal Surgery on all types of noses…some large, wide, small, short, long, crooked, asymmetric and those with telltale signs of having had previous Rhinoplasty Surgery elsewhere. All of these many scores of noses may have started out with a different look but what they all shared in common was my sense of aesthetic goals for each and every nose. No matter what you nose looks like before your Rhinoplasty, the primary goal must remain to create a natural looking, relatively symmetric, aesthetically attractive nose that fits your own face. The last point is important because if your a rugged looking male with a wide face…your nose should not end up thin with an upturned tip (often referred to as being short) or your nose will look odd on your face. Similarly if you’re a petite woman you don’t want your nose to appear overly wide or long as this won’t compliment how attractive your nose or face is perceived.

When you think that you may be interested in nasal refinement through Rhinoplasty be sure to do the following:

1. Learn the basic beauty aesthetics of the nose and how it relates to the face as outlined in my new book “What’s Your Number….the palmer code

2. Be realistic in the type of result that a Rhinoplasty can achieve. This will often need to be determined during consultation with a well trained, highly experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeon. “How to Choose Your Plastic Surgeon.”

3. Have Consultations with 2 or 3 top, best Rhinoplasty Surgeons based on experience and pay for the consults. Free consults are typically offered by less experienced Surgeons offices and they may concentrate more on selling surgery than educating you about what would look good on your nose and face.

4. Do not look for bargain priced Rhinoplasty. The Best, Top Rhinoplasty Surgeons do not do cut-rate priced Rhinoplasties. Expect to pay in the upper range of Rhinoplasty costs to get the best. There are no secret deals, bargains or special offers…ever. Some of the most difficult Revision Rhinoplasties that I have had to perform where just such instances. The patient got a too good to be true deal…and had to pay me top dollar for their Revision Rhinoplasty.

I understand that you may not have one of the World’s Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in your city, state or even country and yes, I am advocating that you make the effort to travel and have your Rhinoplasty in such instances in the city the top Rhinoplasty Surgeon operates whether it be in Beverly Hills or elsewhere. I further realize that in today’s society where instant gratification and convenience is everywhere that traveling to Beverly Hills seems an extreme inconvenience but “it is what it is.” If the best Rhinoplasty Surgeon is there then you should go there for your Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is the most technically challenging of all the plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, IMHO and takes thousands of Rhinoplasties performed and a minimum of 7-10 years experience before a plastic and cosmetic surgeon is truly proficient at performing Rhinoplasty. In Revision Rhinoplasty, the difficulty is a quantum level higher and requires even more experience to achieve the desired aesthetic result. Celebrities, at least some of them get the best, top plastic and cosmetic surgeons to do their plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures including Rhinoplasty, so why can’t you?

Next time Part Two: Fundamental Parts of the Nose.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
“What’s Your Number..the palmer code.”

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