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Question from potiental client

Does slimming the nose during Rhinoplasty require osteotomies(breaking the bones)?

Dr. Francis R. Palmer’s answer:

I have performed Rhinoplasty for over 20 years and things are never as simple as they may seem. The bridge can be narrowed by rasping the sides, of the nasal bones or by lateral osteotomies (breaking the bones) with the osteotomies capable of moving the bones more than rasping can achieve.

Removing the dorsal hump is another story.  Because the bones sit on the face as a hollow pyramid, the nasal bones are only a couple mm’s thick.  That means, if your hump is larger than that, rasping it down will simply remove the top portion of the nasal bone creating an open roof deformity…which should be closed by bringing the edges of the nasal bones back together using a lateral osteotomy.

IMHO, have a couple of consultations with experienced Rhinoplasty surgeons.  Tell them your desires and limitations (no bone breaking) and then listen to what is reasonable to have done or not. It’s quite likely that you would need to have your nasal bones broken (osteotomies) just too properly remove the dorsal hump.