One Of The World’s Best Plastic Surgeons

Dr. PalmerFrancis R. Palmer III MD was recently Voted “One of the World’s Best” Plastic Surgeons by Tatler Magazine. This honor of the Best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon was bestowed by this international magazine after it conducted research into the best plastic surgeons, best cosmetic surgeons and best facial plastic surgeons in the US and the rest of the world. We’re not talking about the best plastic surgeon in a city or even in the best plastic surgeon in California but the very best, the top, the pinnacle of honors, the best plastic and cosmetic surgeon in the world.

TatlerTatler magazine asked the world’s most affluent and influential people ” If money were no object and you could travel anywhere in the world for your plastic and cosmetic surgery, to whom would you go?” Francis R Palmer, III, MD who is the Past Director of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at a major teaching institution in Los Angeles; Medical Director, Chairman and Founder of the The Palmer Code Institute of Beverly Hills, specializing in Plastic Surgery… Facial Plastic Surgery… and Cosmetic Surgery Treatments and Procedures was mentioned as one of the “World’s Best” plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

“You simply can’t afford to make a mistake with cosmetic surgery, so get the best”- “Palmer is the surgeon to many famous faces”-”Discretion is everything, but look in the pages of any society and film magazine and you’ll be unwittingly admiring his work” -”The ultimate in time travel will always be a facelift” -”has pioneered new techniques in facial cosmetic surgery” -”It’s all part of the star treatment” – Tatler Magazine.

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