Your Happiness after Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery.

If you want to be happy after your plastic and cosmetic surgery, you may need to check your unrealistic expectations at the door.

This business is rife with patients that have unrealistic expectations. This makes them, in my opinion, poor surgical candidates. What’s the problem? Probably a lack of knowledge and a true understanding about the various plastic surgery procedures and what they can and more importantly can’t do. For example: You can’t remove inches of excess skin from an aging face without making an incision aroung the front of the ear. Current technology Laser, RF, etc can not tighten more than mm’s of skin and certainly nowhere near inches.This then is an unrealistic expectation that will do nothing more than ensure you’re unhappy when you don’t get what you thought you would with a less effective procedure.

Do your homework, seek out well trained and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons and then listen to what the procedures can and can’t do. Life is full of trade offs and plastic surgery is no different. There are good and bad points about every preocedure, surgery and treatment. Be a happy, educated consumer…be realistic from the start and you’ll be happy in the end.

Dr. Francis R Palmer, III